Stump Grinding and Removal

Stump removal (or grinding) is the act of removing an unwanted protruding stump by mechanically grinding and chipping up the remnants.

Our full-service tree removal teams are fully equipped to get rid of your tree stumps. (As a bonus, the tree chips created by stump removal are a good source of mulch for other parts of your yard or property!)

Our process uses a special power tool that grinds the stump and roots into dust. Without this grinding, the tree may continue to grow which could impede the development of neighboring trees or prevent you from planting a replacement tree or other plants. Additionally, removal of the stump takes care of potential safety concerns such as family members or visitors tripping over low-lying stumps.

Once the stump is removed, you will be able to plant grass, shrubs or even a new tree in its place. Of course, if you have a huge stump, we’ve seen cases where some people choose to use their stump in creative ways such as end tables, pedestals, as outdoor rustic furniture … etc. Contact R&K Tree Service at (757) 333-1359 to schedule a free consultation and learn what your tree stumps could become!  R&K Tree Service is based in Newport News. We service the Seven Cities and beyond: Yorktown, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, Gloucester, Poquoson, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Portsmith, Smithfield, Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

Stump Removal After Storms

Sometimes, very strong wind can blow a tree completely over. When this happens, the root ball rises up with the tree—so the whole tree is completely intact. In this situation, R&K Tree Service will first remove the limbs and trunk of the tree. Then we’ll use a piece of heavy moving equipment to push the stump to our truck for loading and hauling away.